Bullying and thoughts

Hey everyone!

This weeks module I created a podcast based on the article called “Anti-bullying campaigns get higher profile but few funds”. I found this article on CBC and talk its relations towards bullying and the need for funding in efforts to support those that are being bullied. I hope you like it!



Summative: Media Content & Piracy

Thanks to all those who commented on my previous post, “media content and privacy”. There seems to be a consensus about the rights of a consumer on whether they have the right to do what they want if they have purchased a music CD

If we only look at music, we find that many communities and groups gather because of favourite artists and bands. Taking away this cultural common through legislation and privacy laws because music companies cannot profit off downloading is not worth what brings people together. As Condry points out that because water is free, the sales of water bottles haven’t been affected (2004). It’s just greedy music companies wanting to make the most profit off of consumers. What I don’t understand is that music companies are doing the same when they sample music from previous artists and sell it as something new to the consumers. They can’t deny amateur users to do the same if they can’t follow the rules they apply themselves. These cultural commons should be available for everyone to create something new and innovative out of.

Music companies really don’t have a choice when it comes to file-sharing because those who do purchase a CD shouldn’t be penalized for sharing something they bought. That’s what brings communities together, a bond is created over sharing music. In the end, this will only bring profit to the music company because of file-sharing, they have received another fan of their product they’re selling. Music companies filing lawsuits against consumers need to step back and realize that consumers will file-share their material because of many reasons; however, copyright laws and legislation isn’t the problem solver. Many users will still manage to surpass these laws even with other outlets such as Netflix and iTunes. These companies should realize that and think of alternative methods of compensation for losing money on file-sharing sites.