Hello fellow blogger! I’m new to this blog thing but I’ll get around to figuring it out. By the way, my name is Kamal short for Kamalpreet Bhangu. Well a little bit about me, I go to Brock University and I am heading into my final year (yay!). My major is Public Health (Honours) and in the long run I am unsure about whether or not I want to further my education to a graduate level because I do not have a certain “ideal career” that I am pursuing towards. I have many thoughts of what it may be such as something in the health field, helping in the community and creating awareness but not in a specific general area. Public Health is something I originally did not want to pursue in however, I began learning a lot in this field to say at the least, about communities and some of the troubles that they face such as mental illness, housing, social economic status and education all affects health. However one of these topics that stuck out to me was something that came out of interest while learning about it in one of my classes was the topic of bullying. An incident created purposefully by other groups of people or even a single person to belittle someone else is bullying. It is something we have all experienced whether being the bully or the bystander or the one getting bullied we have all seen it, heard it and felt it.

In these times, there is a new age of bullying that associates to social media sites such as Facebook and twitter to say at the least. These sites can be very scary for youth because they constantly do not feel safe being at school or home. This is a topic that I will bring into light within my blog. Bullying can happen at any age and can cause serious mental and physical health repercussions and should not be treated lightly. That is why I chose this topic because I wanted to bring light to this issue that happens so easily that we can belittle someone else in order to bring ourselves up. I am going to own up and say I have done it myself and have also been the victim in a bullying situation. That is why I find this issue important because it hurts being on the other end of abuse. This issue needs to be brought into light in school because that is where we first experience it. If students are taught ways in order to defend themselves against bullies or ways that bystanders stand up for their peers then we can take down bullying.

In order to create awareness on the issue and bring the spotlight on bullying, this blog will help bring these issues into light because youth being bullied do matter.  I hope that throughout my blog posts I can help spot these issues and catch your interest by providing you with insight regarding bullying among youth.

Also here are some social media sites below that you can look into on bullying,

Go onto twitter and search up these hashtags:






Here are some websites that you can visit to get help for bullying:






These are some other blogs that provide information on bullying as well:







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