Summation: Let us be Heard!

First and foremost, thank you to all my readers for the comments, they are always greatly appreciated. As many of my readers have commented that social media provides outlets to many users to have their voice heard and take advantage of freedom of speech. However as I previously posted that many participants of citizen journalism are reciting information that may not be true. This is especially true with twitter. In the case of a celebrity fatality which has happened many times, participants blindly “retweet” false statements of their passing. Many of us are not taking advantage of learning through other options such as journals, articles etc that are provided through different means besides social media outlets.

Citizen journalism is different than professional journalism, the two competitors are now facing each other for the top stories. Its more about who gets it out the fastest than most accurate. Rebecca mentions a point that highlights their is a difference between the two however citizen journalism is slowly replacing professional journalism. We can see efforts by news stations such as CP24 that participants provide eyewitness facts or information regarding a story on their broadcast. The two are not the same and one should never expect information from participants producing citizen journalism to be 100% accurate until other sources are used to back the information.

However citizen journalism in the other end does provide any slander or influenced points of view. Something that I found interesting in this weeks readings is that professional journalism are influenced by political branches. They may state that their journals are the freedom of the press however journals and editorial content is usually selected for the benefit of the political branches that want something to be written in the paper to help their gains. This is obviously true in many examples especially in the USA where many citizens were not updated on the war in Iraq and the army individuals that had past away.

Citizen journalism is important however much of the information needs to be verified by readers that are in taking the information with other sources before reciting it and passing it on. It is also necessary to say that citizen journalism should not be replacing professional journalism entirely but should be a complimentary source to their information where it can be easily accessed by many especially through social media outlets.


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