Stories of bullying

Hello fellow bloggers,

I have created my first ever video, (its not the best) but you have to start somewhere. I created this video using Mozilla Popcorn, that was a lot of fun and a lot of difficulty. So i used wikipedia links to define Bullying and Amanda Todd, one video found on youtube by Shane koyczan- To this day project and a newspaper article by the called Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: Bullying victims in Canada are Mounting. Is anyone Listening?This is also where I found the pictures of all the victims of bullying. I created a whole bunch of texts throughout the video which I found the most difficult to do just with timing and such.

Well I hope you enjoy the video

ps. I couldn’t get the video to embed into my post for some reason but the link should work fine.



Molcho M., Craig W., Due P., Pickett W., Harel-fisch Y., Overpeck, M., and HBSC Bullying Writing Group. Cross-national time trends in bullying behaviour 1994-2006: findings from Europe and North America. International Journal of Public Health. 2009, 54 (S2): 225-234

Cotroneo, C. (2013). Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: Bullying Victims In Canada Are Mounting. Is Anyone Listening? Huffpost Impact Canada. Retrieved from



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