Summative: Producing and Consuming Online Content

First I’d like to thank all my readers for their comments on my previous post. I found that a majority of the comments agree that current copyright laws are restrictive and overbearing for producers. They minimize the creativity of users wanting to obtain access to produce new content. This is because professional producers want to gain profit through copyright laws before enabling users to create something of their own. The idea like many before, was out for public use, creators would recycle the idea creating something innovative out on the internet. The problem was that professional producers would enable copyright laws to prevent an economic downfall from their product.

This has been a repeated process throughout history as Ferguson mentioned that many professional producers once used content through public domains in order to create a new product in which many users do. The whole process of obtaining, modifying and creating content was available through equal access to them. Taking that away from users today through these laws inhibits creativity and can slow down producing innovative ideas that can change the world.              

As mentioned through comments from the previous post, I also believe that corporations control so much of the content that those with similar ideas won’t have the rights to it because of these laws. As Ferguson mentioned that many times more than one person had similar ideas throughout history, however one had gotten a patent before the other getting all the credit for the same idea. I think these laws are overbearing and prevent people from producing content online. That can be reason to why there are so little producers and so many more consumers because of these restrictive laws. Once restrictive copyright laws and patents lessen, users will be able to produce content more freely and be able to engage with online media.


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