Summative: Repercussions of Online Social Networking

Thanks to all my readers who commented on my previous post on the "Repercussions of online Social networking". I want to further discuss some of the comments left by my readers.

I read a few similar blogs that talked about social networking and their comments on the topic were similar to mine. That the availability of information is at reach for anyone to see. This is also true for potential predators and lurkers. In the case of Facebook, one should not fill out information in the "about me" section regardless of that obligation that social media sites require when creating a profile. Not everyone adds friends and families on Facebook, there are many people (such as myself at one point) that added people that I barely knew just to have a greater number of friends (then I actually have) shown on my profile. This is why it is so important for education and awareness of the internet for children. A lot of parents did not grow up with the internet and have no idea how to use it. Schools should take the responsibility of teaching kids the benefits and risks of social media/ internet usage.

My own ways of protecting my privacy settings on social media networks included limited access to my profiles or "un-tagging" my pictures. There was opposing opinions to whether this was safe or not. This is probably not the best way to ensure protecting my privacy however, in regards to others seeing these pictures, I hope my friends that post these pictures, they don't "friend" random people they don't know. I however cannot impose this rule. I find that if pictures are so ridiculous that they cannot be online, then I kindly ask to not put them up in the first place. However if I find they are appropriate but others may not think the same way then I un-tag myself. This is what one of my readers mentioned about the idea of privacy being subjective.

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